How Hashing helps to secure important data.

Over the years, tech has revolutionized our daily lives and created amazing resources from which we can get useful information at our fingertips that make our lives faster and easier. We can get almost every piece of information from the web in a fraction of seconds. …


12 methods that you can use to manipulate your data in a more creative way.

Array helper methods are the special kind of methods that work with data collection more easily and all the methods are themed around avoiding working with a manual for a loop. Array helper methods are more precisely used for data manipulation, which was introduced in ES6 or ECMAScript 6.


UTF-16 is a standard method of encoding data. but what actually encoding means?

Every day we are transmitting a tremendous amount of data from one place to another via some communication channel, and that channel only understands the binary data that are packed in the form of bits normally called…

Akshay Kumar

How I think as a Programmer and Logic that’s it.

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